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Data Warehousing

The Gallant Global solution for data warehousing reduces project costs, time, and risks by streamlining the process of accessing, discovering, cleansing, and integrating all data for data marts, data warehouses, and esnterprise data warehouses.

Gallant Global database management solutions span multiple platforms, to deliver the functionality those database administrators, developers and analysts need to be more productive and also meets the demands of the business.

Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Warehousing (DW) address these challenges by unearthing the hidden value in information assets to facilitate informed decisions.

The availability of data and information is a key driver in modern corporate life. To make competent informed business decisions, people need enriched access to data whenever they want. Data should be both timely and accurate and in the desired format. This scenario is largely depends onthe quality and strength of the data storage and retrieval system. One such technology is Data Warehousing.

Gallant Global has destined to educate business and information technology professionals on the strategies, techniques and tools required to successfully design, build and maintain Data Warehousing implementation. We ensure to update the members with latest advancement of data warehousing research, knowledge transfer and the professional development. We also promote best practices in data warehousing, innovative technologies, and in-depth research programs.

Gallant Global' offerings include:

  • BI strategy development
  • BI and DW governance consulting
  • BI and DW architecture development
  • Strategic audit
  • Taxonomy implementation consulting
  • Migration strategy and planning, cross-platform migration and version upgrades
  • BI services in a SaaS Model
  • SOA-enabled BI framework

Gallant Global provides high quality consultants for ETL and BI solutions for world-class companies for staff augmentation and for other related consulting services. ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) is a process in data warehousing that involves:

  • Extracting data from outside sources
  • Transforming the extracted data to fit business needs
  • BI and DW architecture development
  • ETL is important, as it is the way data actually gets integrated into the target database.

Some of the ETL tool we focus on:

  • Data Stage
  • Cognos
  • BI and DW architecture development

Some of the ETL tool we focus on:

  • Reduce the amount of custom ETL programming you need to write
  • Have a system based on a business information model that can rapidly change when a business event causes upheaval in the underlying data warehouse
  • Have a bullet-proof audit trail of how the business looked then and now
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