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Database Management

Critical business decisions are always depends on data that must be readily available and accessible. Ensuring that database and application environments are performing at service levels that support these business requirements puts unprecedented demands on those primarily responsible that are database administrators, developers and analysts. We ensure to meet these demands continually to provide services within the stringent IT budgets, growing complexity, multiple database vendors, explosive data growth and availability requirements.

Gallant Global database management solutions span multiple platforms, to deliver the functionality those database administrators, developers and analysts need to be more productive and also meets the demands of the business.

Performance Management

Discover and resolve performance issues in production before they impact end users and service levels

Backup and Recovery

Fast, flexible backup and recovery with industry-leading compression technology

High Availability

Provide a fault-tolerant replica of Oracle databases to ensure high availability and disaster recovery, and eliminate risks associated with migrations

Space and Capacity Management

Reclaim space and monitor and report on growth trends


Plan and develop applications that deliver both functionality and optimal performance


Comprehensive object, space, security and change management

Today, databases play an important role in the e-business market. For your databases to be accurate and effective, they need to be dynamic. At Gallant Global, we understand this and make use of these changes and deliver more user friendly, accurate and presentable databases. We help our clients in database maintenance to surpass their expectations, resulting in better and more streamlined usage of their websites.

We take database management services to the next level with the perfect combination of domain experts and technology. We provide a wide range of database management services that include:

  • Entry to web based solutions
  • Data conversion services
  • Periodic updation services
  • Data archiving services
  • Subscriber Database Management
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